When it rains, it…


Hi everyone — Jon Shesta here with my favorite Spinners memory. In keeping with our Tenth Anniversary theme, we’re hoping everyone in the front office will chime in with their favorite Spinners memories. But most of all we’re looking for you fans to share some of yours. So leave them in the comments! Now onto my memory. And check out Jon Goode’s Tenth Anniversary Memories as well.

Last season was my second with the team so my memory bank may be a bit smaller than some other members of our front office staff, but last season I witnessed something I never expected to see at the ballpark in a million years.

August 14, 2005 — It was pouring — and I mean pouring — pushing back the start of a game against the Oneonta Tigers. But we were trying our hardest to wait out the weather and play.

Now, rain delays aren’t terrible by any means. We have the VideoBoard and PA blaring. But some of the players got antsy and organized a competition between the two teams. Eventually, they radioed to the PA booth with their musical requests and got their groves on, dancing one team at a time until Oneonta brought out the can-can. Both benches emptied on the the warning track behind home plate to showcase their dance moves and prove their dancing dominance.

What a way to pass the time! The fans that stuck around saw quite a show — those guys could dance!

So what’s your most memorable Spinners moment? Let us know by leaving a comment below!


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