I’ll be the first to admit that I was not a big fan of the World Baseball Classic (WBC) mainly due to the timing of the tournament.  I’d like to think there is a better time to run this tourney.  But after watching the Dominican and Venezuelan game on Tuesday followed by the USA-Mexico match-up, I’m intrigued.  The Latin clash had the flavor of a World Series game and did you see all the marquee players on those teams?  What lineups they both have.  My favorite Latin American club has to be the Dominican Republic club.  Not due to their lineup but because they have a great manager (Manny Acta).  Got to give some props to my friend.  He and I grew up in the Astros system together.  He never got that cup of coffee as a player but has made his mark as a Major League coach. He’ll make a great Major League manager some day. He’s a true class act and I’m so happy for Manny, Cindy and Leslie. 

Then there was the USA-Mexico clash.  Great game.  I thought we’d blow them out but I never knew Vinny Castillo, Karim Garcia, Albie Lopez and other big names had Mexican ties (what if Nomar had opted to play?).  They put up a great fight in Phoenix.  But, was anyone else miffed that the USA club seemed to be playing a “road” game in Phoenix?  Good for Mexican baseball, bad for the USA.  Come on fans!  If this was played here in New England we’d rock the house even in the cold climate.   Anyway…they have my attention now. 

I’ll be watching and cheering for the best sport in the World.  I can’t wait for the American club to claim the trophy over the Dominican team (sorry Manny).  After all, it is the American pastime.  WBC, WBC, WBC…USA, USA, USA!!!

Tim Bawmann, GM


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