If you watched today’s Red Sox game…

Today’s Red Sox/Twins Spring Training game was featured on national TV. If you were watching, you saw:

  • 3B Kevin Youkilis (’01)
  • 3B Andrew Pinkney (’04)
  • INF Dominic Ramos (’05)
  • OF Yahmed Yema (’05)

In addition, Jonathan Papelbon (’03) pitched yesterday against the Yankees.

Did you see any other former Spinners in a Spring Training game with the Red Sox? Were you there? Let us know!



  1. Ed Sheehan

    Just returned from the fort, spoke to Jed Lowrie who will be playing in Wilmington. Saw the DogMan! Had a great day on 3/24 when Churt Schilling pitched for AAA Pawtucket, David Murphy hit a solo and pawsox won. The Sox camp is loaded with ex-spinners Moss, Pickney, J. West, Soto, and Buckley look great.
    Can’t wait for June 20th!!

  2. Jim C

    A few more Spinners made it into BoSox games this Spring.

    Justin Sherrod and Raul Nieves (00)
    Edgar Martinez (01)
    Alberto Concepcion and Dustin Brown (02)
    Brandon Moss, David Murphy, Zach Borowiak, Abe Alvarez, Barry Hertzler, John Devries & Iggy Suarez (03)
    Mat Van Der Bosch, John Otness, Chris Turner & Christian Lara (04)

    But the winner is Jed Lowrie (05), who hit .429 over 11 games while switching positions. Only Coco Crisp has a higher average in as many games to date.

    Can’t wait to see the future stars from this year’s draft!

  3. Tim

    Who said the Sox farm system is subpar? I’m sure Theo won’t let our farm system go the route of the Yankees Minor League organization of the past. Isn’t it nice to see all the former Spinners making an impact in Major League Baseball? Credit Luis Alicea for some of Jed Lowrie’s success. The Sox wanted to move him up during our season last year, but Louie lobbied for him to stay. Who else could Jed learn infield experience from than a former big leaguer that played 13-years in the Majors? Now Jed is on the fast track to Boston. He could be there in September and we know he’ll make an impact. That kid can play!!! Luis, we’ll miss you. But I expect to see you manage in the Bigs soon. Can’t wait for our opener. Can’t wait to see the best fans in Minor League Baseball. Spinners’ fans are the BEST. See you all soon.

    Tim Bawmann
    Spinners, GM

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