Papelbon Papel-Bet Launched

The Spinners and the Boise Hawks, Class A Affiliate of the Chicago Cubs, today announced that they have launched an inter-team promotion based on a common link: twin Papelbon pitchers. 

Both the Spinners and the Hawks roster one of the Papelbon twins, little brothers of Boston Red Sox closer Jonathan Papelbon, who were both drafted out of the University of North Florida in last June’s Draft. Left-hander Jeremy plays for Boise while right-handed submariner Joshua plays for Lowell.

The Papelbon Papel-bet will pit the twins against one another in a friendly wager based on their season-ending ERA’s. Whichever team’s Papelbon has the highest ERA loses and makes a contribution to the winning Papelbon’s charity of choice.

The amount of the donation depends on the difference between the twins’ ERA’s. For every half-run difference, the losing team owes $50. For example, if Jeremy finishes the season with a 1.00 ERA and Joshua finishes with a 3.00 ERA, the Lowell Spinners would pay $200 to Jeremy’s charity of choice.

Joshua Papelbon recently allowed his first earned runs of the season and currently stands with a 2.08 ERA while Jeremy has a 1.30 ERA.

The winner will be announced as soon as both teams’ seasons end, and the Papelbon Papel-Bet will include playoff statistics.

You can track the twins’ ERA’s and the bet value on the Spinners homepage at

What do you think of the Papelbon Papel-Bet? Who will win?! Weigh in with your own comments and let Joshua know you’re behind him!


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