Joann Weber was the “hostess of LeLacheur Park” and an inspiration to us all.  She is so deeply loved by her family, employees and fans that we’ve posted this blog in her honor.  Please share your thoughts, feelings and memories of Joann for us all to share.  Thank you!



  1. Karen

    I never met Joann but I met her husband Drew and if she was anything like him, she must of been a fun person to be around. I would like to express my sympathy for Drew and their children on the passing of Joann. God Bless them all

  2. Michael Weber

    To the fans of the Lowell Spinners, I would just like to thank you for the support you have provided my family over these past 18 months. My mother was truly a special person and many of you were able to experience her love of life. She will be missed, but not forgotten.

  3. Mary

    I loved going to the ballpark and seeing Joann. Whether she was hanging out with fans, helping someone out, or snapping pictures, when she spoke with you it felt like she was inviting you over to join a big party. She always made us feel welcome and made the experience that much more fun. Joann had a really big heart and you really felt her excitement any time you were in her presence. She will be truly missed but never forgotten.

  4. Andy and Joanne Bergamini

    Our deepest sympathies and fondest condolences to the Weber family on the loss of such a magnificent lady. As season ticket holders, we were fortunate enough to exchange “hellos” with Mrs. Weber during home games many times over the past several years.
    It was always a pleasure to see her smiling face and feel her warm spirit. Her presence will be sorely missed. This is truly a sad time for us all.

  5. JIm Chandler

    My thoughts and prayers are with Drew and his family. Joann will be missed. AS a season ticket holder her presence made everyone smile even if they were having a bad day. I remember one day when my wife and I were leaveing Joann took our picture to be posted on the board the next night. She was an owner, but most of all she was a friend to each one of us. She will be missed but the memories of her will alway be there.

  6. Nicole Bourdelais

    I worked with Joanne for five years. From my very first day, she welcomed me into the organization with open arms. She treated all of us like we were her own children. She was so proud of the team and the staff. I loved the way she ran around with her camera snapping pictures of all the fans. She made the kids feel like they were celebrities. She took such care in posting the pictures on the concourse. Joanne was a genuine person who really cared about people. To Drew and family, please know that you are in all our thoughts and prayers and that Joanne will forever be in our hearts.

  7. Bob

    Joann was a very special person who always had a smile on her face and always went out of her way to make the trip to the ballpark an enjoyable time. Joann you will be missed but never forgoten. Rest in peace

  8. Connie Jackson

    To Drew and their family:
    I had the pleasure of meeting Joann only once at a Lowell Spinner dinner and she was shining. Our thoughts and prayers are with each member of the Weber family during this time and may God will give them strength. Hold close all the memories of what her life represented and let them bring a smile to your face.
    I also lost my Mom to pancreatic cancer a few years ago but her memory lives in my heart each day. The Jacksons

  9. joe scali

    We all will miss her so much around the park in the furture.
    It will not be the same without her. One thing her spirt will be with us forever more in the park looking over us. I will still picture her walking around the park with her camera taking pictures of everyone she can. GOD bless her, and Soul to rest in peace forever more. Just remember the goodtimes we had with her over the years.
    Joe Scali

  10. Bruce Robinson

    The world has lost an angel. I first got to know Joann and Drew through their involvement with the L.G.H. Team Walk for Cancer Care. Joann was our first entertainment chair and served on the advisory board for the walk. From Joann’s passion,wisdom and caring, millions have been raised to help those in the Greater Lowell area deal with cancer. What a fitting tribute to a great lady! We will never forget you. I will keep your warm smile in my heart forever.

  11. billy dolber

    I’ve been a big fan of the Spinners and the Weber’s for eight plus years now. I first met Mrs. Weber when I attended my first ticket release party in April of ’02, I believe. It was raining and sleeting with maybe four inches of slush on the ground. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the lady handing out cookies was actually the teams owner. I would have guessed they would be anywhere else other than out in that weather greeting fans. Joann and Drew were alway approchable and eager to answer my questions regarding the organization. She will be missed. God Speed. Billy D.

  12. Orrin and Susan Goodwin

    We are very saddened to hear about the passing of Joann. Our condolonces to the Weber family. We have been season ticket owners from the start and my memory of Joann is how she was always smiling.

  13. Kenney Foley

    Every one in the Foley family is so sorry for your loss. Joann was very nice to me. When i heard she got sick my prayers went out to her. Her smile could warm the whole baseball field. Going to the spinners game without this beautiful person there will not be the same.Our prayers go out to Drew and the entire Weber Family. She will always be in my families hearts and thoughts.

  14. Ann

    One game night a few years ago, the rain, thunder and lightning came so hard they had to call the game. A fairly large special needs group was waiting patiently in the pouring rain to take the elevator down. I tried to help them by holding my umbrella over their heads when who should come over to do the same thing but Joann Weber. She gave up the use of her own umbrella and helped guide the group into the elevator to get them out of the rain.
    A real classy act by a real classy lady.
    Seeing both Joann and Drew walking around the park during the ball games always made you feel that this wasn’t strictly business for them, but rather affection for the team and its fans.


    I met Joann many times while attending Spinners games over the past few years. She and Drew always gave me a warm feeling about being at the game. They really cared about the fans and made sure they felt we were very important. She spent time to talk to us and appreciated our support. I remember attending an April 1st ticket sale at the park and the wait for tickets was long. I needed to use their facilities and she was kind enought to let me into the office. A small gesture but something that I will never forget. She made me feel special. She left this world too soon but fought a courageous battle against a horrible disease. She was a very special person and she will be missed. My thoughts are with her family and only hope the positive memories will help deal with their loss.

  16. The Vlack family

    We first met Joann and Drew at Alumni Field. We were talking about baseball and how our three small children loved coming to the park, meeting the players, and being part of the game experience. We would talk every night, Joann would try to give the kids baseballs, and we would share, even if only for a minute or two, our love of the game and the team.
    Now ten years later our children all work for the team and we would still share, even if only for a minute or two, our love of the game and the team.
    Joann made every person at the game feel like they were special and that she really appreciated that we came. We loved seeing her these last few years. Her presence at the park is felt everywhere.
    Drew, I hope you know how much our family loves yours. We hope that knowing that sooo many people love and admire you and Joann will help you and your family get through this most difficult time.

  17. Steve

    My family and I have many fond memories of Joann. We cherish the family photos that Joanne took each year at the ballpark. It is fun to see how much the boy’s have grown. Our Drew will always remember the night he lost a tooth at the park and made the mistake of showing Joann, what a screech. I will always remember the night this year that Joann was able to make it out to the park. I was walking on the concourse and heard someone call my name. What a surprise to turn and see Joann she looked great and gave me a big hug. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Drew and the entire Weber family as well as the Spinners family. Joann will truly be missed but will live in the hearts of all of the people whose lives she touched.

  18. Shea & Jessica

    We are so sorry to hear about the passing of Joann. We are very sad and we know that this is a very sad day for everyone in Lowell. She touched so many people and she will be greatly missed. We were lucky to have known her and will never forget her and all that she did for others. We feel completely blessed to have gotten to know her. She always made us feel like family when we came to Lowell. Blessings, to her wondeful family..we are thinking of you!!

  19. Shawn Smith

    Joann has meant so much to me and my family. We love her with all of our hearts and will miss her dearly. We were truly blessed to have had her in our lives. May GOD BLESS YOU Joann.

  20. Matt Steinberg

    For the past nine years, it has been an absolute privilege to work for the amazing Drew and Joann Weber. Joann brought a spirit and a zest to the ballpark every night that made the entire staff want to be as welcoming and as friendly to every individual that walked through our gates as she was. She was the office pick-me-up, offering a kind word, an encouraging word, a bit of constructive criticism and also, her famous cookies that always gave us that important push when the long days and nights at LeLacheur would catch up to us. There will never be anyone like her, and the ballpark will be lonely without her contagious laugh and smile.
    Joann was an incredible woman and I have been blessed to be able to work for her, and with her, for the past decade. Joann, we will always love and miss you.

  21. sheila and john papelbon

    We have so many fond memories of Joanne, from when we first met her and Drew when Jonathan played for the Spinners in 2003 and then to have Josh play again this past year. I remember such a kind and gracious person. Joanne sent us a picture of Jonathan milking a cow on the field with her special note about it, she sent notebooks that had Joanthan on the front when they were give-aways, she watched over Jeremy and Joshua when they played in Lowell for the all americans during the summer and had them out to games, and most of all we will never forget getting to come and spend time with Joanne for the Jonathan Papelbon Bobblehead Night which so so very special to us to get to come up and share that with her and her team especially with Joshua playing. I remember the smile Joanne had on her face when she saw Jonathan and when we told her that if Joshua won the Papel-Bet the money would go to pancreatic cancer. Our boys lost their grandfather to pancreatic cancer and it really hit home when we heard of Joanne’s cancer news. At least Joanne got to see both Jonathan and Joshua pitch, their grandfather never got to see them pitch. I’m sure they will meet in Heaven and can share some special times watching from above. We love you, Joanne!!! Our special prayers go out to Drew and his family.
    Sheila and John Papelbon

  22. Rod Gratzer

    Eventhough I have never met Joanne and have never been to a Spinners game, I am a member of that “Family” of baseball lovers and as such would like to send my condolonces to the Weber family. Joanne sounded like a very awesome person and will be missed by all. She will be watching though, all of us baseball lovers will meet again…
    God Bless the Weber Family


  23. Dawn Corts

    I had the privilege of working with Joann back in 1997 when I was an intern with the Spinners. We were back at Alumni Field in those days and I remember meeting her for the first time. She had the biggest smile that I’d ever seen. She was always so friendly and kind to me. She not only taught me about how things work around the ballpark, but she gave me some of those life lessons in the process. I will never forget what a kind person she was and I will always remember her smile. My thoughts and prayers are with Mr. Weber and the entire Weber family.

  24. Brian Marshall

    As a former Spinners player I’ve had the honor of spending nearly 2 seasons with the Joann and Drew Weber. Joann always went above and WAY beyond the call of duty when it came to taking care of Spinners players. The generosity and friendliness she and Drew offered was unlike anything that I have ever seen or experienced, even to this day. She always greeted me with a huge smile, hug, and hello. A one of a kind person, hard worker, and enthusiastic baseball fan, Joann will be deeply missed. My thoughts and blessings go out to Drew and the Weber family. God bless

    Brian Marshall

  25. Lois Kirschenbaum

    I appreciate this opportunity to share with everyone one of my favorite Joann stories. Joann and I grew up together in Deal, New Jersey and have been close friends since 1st grade. In 1961, when we were 13, I was given an autographed Yankee baseball. (Sorry about the Yankee thing but it was in New Jersey afterall.) Those were the days of Mickey Mantle and I knew that baseball was something special. So, I put it carefully into a desk drawer to keep it from fading. There it stayed throughout high school and throughout college. When I moved out of the house to my own place in Boston I tossed the baseball in my suitcase, then tossed it into another desk drawer in my new home. Many, many years later, probably after an episode of Antiques Roadshow, I realized that baseball could be worth a fair amount of money. So I got it out of the drawer and with every name I read I became more and more excited…Elston Howard, Yogi Berra, Roger Maris, Mickey Mantle, Joann Greenspan (her maiden name)! Yes, that’s right, Joann Greenspan. My dear friend had signed my baseball. There was a moment of shock, then laughter as I gave the ball to my dog. Over the years I kept her aprised of that ball’s increasing value. I miss my friend more than I can say. ANd I wish I had that basball today…not for the “Mickey Mantle”, for the “Joann Greenspan.

  26. John and Kathy Conner

    As season ticket holders, we have fond memories of Joann. One always knew when she was at the Park, she would be greeting everyone and taking pictures. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Drew and the family.

  27. Zac

    I only met Joann twice and in those two meetings i knew what a special and loving person she was. I am so lucky to know the Weber family and to have known Joann. She has inspired me to treat people like she did. I lost my grandfather to the same illness and i know how hard this process is. May Gd bless the Weber family. Team JoJo White!


  28. kate

    I am Joanns daughter and i write that in the present tense bc although she may physically be gone her spirit and love can never be erased. i am so thankful to all that have written, called, visited, or even just thought about my mom in the past week, it means more then you could ever imagine. My mom touched so many people and i know that she is looking down thanking each and everyone of you for all of your thoughts and love with that huge smile of hers.
    On behalf of the Weber family…..thank you so much, as so many others have said,,,she may be gone but never forgotten.

    -Kate Weber

  29. Danielle Pasquale

    I always knew the Spinners were such a source of pride for Joann and Drew and that it was a successful organization. I didn’t realize what an amazing personal touch Joann added to the experience. I will forever regret that I was unable to make it up with my boys to see a game when Joann was there. (Drew we’re still going to try and come.)
    I grew up with Joann as an important influence and source of strength in my life from the time I was a young girl. I’m not sure if this website is the appropriate venue to say how much she meant to me and my family especially in times of turmoil. The Spinners were definitely a feather in Joann’s cap and I am not surprised that she brought the same amount of elegance to her latest endeavor as she did to so many others previously.
    I am proud and lucky to have had Joann in my life as long as I did. I know that there are so many others who join me in this sentiment as evidenced by the amazing tribute that was her funeral service.
    Joann will definitely never be forgotten.

  30. Paul Steinberg

    As a member of the Spinner’s “family” for the past three seasons , I would like to express the deep sadness I felt on learning of Joann’s passing last week. My heartfelt condolences go out to Drew and his family.
    I am reading all the comments from the fans and season ticket holders on how welcome and comfortable Joann made them feel with her smile and camera. As an usher on the concourse and in the stands , I want everyone to know that she had the same effect on all of us. Last year when Joann was not able to be at the ballpark , I was asked every night by different fans how she was doing , and told numerous times how much she was missed. Joann will be in our hearts and minds as we look forward to another season.

  31. gabe g

    weber family=

    2 memories of joann stand out the most.
    1.the first wedding at the park. talk about craziness. i really feel that goes down as one of joanns favorite moments

    2. this takes a minute. i have 2 daughters. about 6 years ago i had gone to a lowell riverhawks hockey game. they had a t shirt toss and one daughter got a t shirt. my other daughter brittany was upset her sister got one not her. the next day(feburay date) i had to go to meet shaun smith at the spinners office. on the way out i bumped into joann. i told her about the t shirt incident and how my daughter was upset about. joann said we have ways of solving these problems. she went in the closet and got a spinner t shirt to bring home. naturally my daughter was excited and wore it the next day.
    leave it to joann to keep a child happy

  32. The Lalime Family

    Always smiling, always making you feel good about yourself is what will always be remembered. Despite an incredibly busy lifestyle and the countless many people she knew, we’ll always appreciate the interest in and the kindness towards our family, always having something nice to say. She will be dearly missed.
    —-Rick and Judy

  33. Lyndsey Gunn

    Aunt Jo was my second mom. I am so blessed to have her in my life and forever in my heart. I was able to visit with her and rub her feet and give her kisses and for that I will FOREVER be thankful. At her service we were given a moment for silent prayer- I asked that God give me the strength to be more like her as a woman. She is a true role model. A beautiful angel in the sky. I love you Aunt Jo!

  34. David Fogg

    About 5 years ago my co-worker’s 4 year old son had recent heart surgery and was a big Spinner fan. i called the team offices and was hoping to get a baseball signed for him. I received a call back from Joann who said that she could arrange to have a couple of players visit the boy’s home. Three of them came and he was so thankful. Everytime I visited the park she always had a smile. She will be missed by millions of fans !!!
    My deepest condolences to her family.

  35. Lindsay Cotter

    I had the pleasure of working for Joann for ten wonderful seasons. She will be missed but not forgotten. My thoughts and prayers go out to Drew and the entire Weber family. She was a wonderful woman.

  36. Chaz Scoggins

    I have been involved with professional baseball for 34 years and with the Spinners since the first day of their existence, and I cannot imagine there are — or ever have been — better and more caring owners of a minor-league team than Drew and Joann Weber. LeLacheur Park will never be quite the same without Joann’s charm, touch, grace, and presence. Cancer is an insidious disease (I lost my first wife to ovarian cancer 20 years ago), and pancreatic cancer is the most insidious of all. When Joann made her first comeback public appearance in Lowell at the Spinners Alumni Awards Dinner two years ago, I told Drew how amazing and healthy she looked after all she’d already been through against incredible odds. He smiled and said: “She’s one in a million.” Drew, as always was being humble. Joann was one in a hundred million.

  37. Colin Brace

    Quite by chance, my wife & I had the privilige to sit with Joann several years ago at a Spinners game. We spoke as if she knew us for years. She had a very rare quality about her; very down-to-earth yet a very much a lady. We cherish the memory of that chance encounter. This seems to have rubbed off on alumni Spinner players. Almost to a person, to use a baseball expression, they are “class” indivudials. Look at Shea Hillenbrand, the Papelbons, Kevin Youkilis et al. They are one of Joann’s legacies.

  38. Bill Quinn

    I had the good fortune to meet Joann and Drew when they first came to Lowell. I would always remind Drew that Joann was the true “Boss” of the franchise and everyone in the Lowell area knew it!! When I would say this in Joann’s presence, she would have a big smile and her infectious laugh would be directed at Drew!!During her ordeal, Joann showed amazing courage and she would always shift the conversation to genuinely ask how my wife and I were doing!!We have lost a very special person and she would want us to express our concern for others. To Drew and his family, please know that you are in the thoughts and prayers of many. May God bless you all!!

  39. sally and chris dion

    the dion family will miss joann , she was an wonderful and beautiful lady who loved life . she was always smiling and getting people to smile and making the game fun .

    the ballgames will be different now but joann will still be there but in spirit cheering for the team!! she will be deeply missed . drew you and the family are in our prayers and thoughts . may god bless you and the family .joann will always be in our hearts.

  40. Dottie Boucher

    I have worked for the Webers in their Lowell home for several years now. My favorite memory of Joann happened a few years back when I was put in charge of taking care of “Spinner” their betta fish. I had noticed the fish was not looking very well one day. Shortly after that Joann called me to let me know that Spinner had expired. She said she was concerned that I would be upset when I arrived at the house and saw the empty fishbowl.
    I didn’t know Joann very well, but it would seem that her heart was as beautiful as her smile.

  41. David Laurila

    What Joann meant to the Spinners and the Lowell community can be best described in her own words. In a June 2005 interview, Joann said:

    “To give back to the community is very important, and giving time or helping with charities is a part of that.”

    “We came in saying that (owning the Spinners) was a labor of love. That’s what it was, and still is.”

    From my experiences with Joann, those two things are what she was all about: giving, and love.

    She’ll be missed.

  42. Dotty Baillargeon

    As volunteers of the LNHP of Lowell we have enjoyed our time at the Spinners and especially the folks who travel the concourse.I had always said I never had pictures of Marie and I.Well thanks to the angel who swept the ballpark with a smile and a good day, I have plenty of pictures and each one is special.She always made us feel as though our work was as important as all the other workers.In fact there were times that I feel she made us feel very special.We shall miss her and that all consuming smile and infectious manner.Good bye for today my friend as I know we shall meet again in God’s wonderful place where there is no more pain or suffering.My deepest sympathy to you Drew and your family. love Dotty and Marie Baillargeon.

  43. Ashley Makevich

    I started working for the Lowell Spinners when I was 15 years old; I am now 23 and still return to work every summer just to see Joann’s warm and welcoming smile. She made LeLaucher park a home for not only her employees but for the fans as well, and she will be missed beyond belief.
    To Drew and the rest of Joann’s family and friends, you’re in my thoughts and prayers.

  44. Mary & Bill scubert (outbackbill)

    we will always remember what a caring and loving person Joann was not only with people but also with animals. she loved to hold wolfgang our large burmese python when i come to do the reptile shows for the Lowell Spinners. we will miss her . she was an amazing woman . The Weber family is in our hearts and prayers .

  45. Chase Sebor

    I have been a Spinners fan for many years. I always made a point of thanking Joann and Drew personally for hosting such an enjoyable event. Each game was made enjoyable by their caring and thoughtful presence. When I am at a game in the future and I find myself missing Joann, I will try to have some extra bit of fun in her memory. Possibly, snap someone’s picture and give it to them.

  46. JT Zink

    Reading all these wonderful comments about how amazing Joann was to everyone really brings a warm feeling in my heart just for having the opportunity to play baseball in Lowell where the two absolute best owners in baseball roam the park just looking to brighten someone’s day. I can remember the first time I met Joann, it was the first time I had ever charted a professional game before and it was extremely hot out, Clay Buchholz and I were sitting in our seats next to this woman, whom at the time we had no idea was the owner of the team. She kept asking us if we needed anything or if she could get us a water or something, we kept on saying no thank you and that we appreciated the offer, that night after the game there was a dinner to welcome us officially to the town and all of the sudden Joann steps up and tells us how priveleged she was to be a part of our careers, I was awestruck in a way that has yet to come up again it was so heartfelt and the truth was we were the luckiest players in minor league baseball to have the chance to play for the Lowell Spinners just on the premise that the owners Drew and Joann made it such an easy transition from amateur to professional baseball. I know any player that has ever had any contact with these two marvelous individuals feel a deep loss for the Spinner family which includes everyone from the gate people to each and every fan. I can say whole heartedly that I will cherish all the memories of Joann and how excited she was to touch the people involved in Spinner baseball the way she only could. Drew I am deeply sorry for your loss and thank you again for all you two did.

  47. J. Walker

    Over the past 4 years i have grown close to the Weber family, and I am honored to have had Joann in my life. She was warm and pure, beautiful and kind, and the legacy she leaves behind will last forever. The world is a better place having know Joann, and those she touched will forever be indebted for the positive impact she had on all our lives.

    Keep your eye on Kate, she glows with her mother’s strength.


  48. Katherine Harris

    I have had the pleasure of meeting Joan and Drew and have been a great admiror of her and the way she treated everyone her pain was never displayed. We enjoyed all the pictures she took and the great time we had at the field we Pepperell Seniors spent many enjoyable times their and she made our day taking pictures. I am a cancer survivor 4x and truly wish Joan could of been I know she will always be at the park in spirit. My heart goes out to you all it is tough to loose a loved one speaking from experiance as I lost my son at age 40. God Bless you all

  49. Moe D'Amour

    I first met Joann in 1997 passing out cookies as I was waiting in line for Opening Day tickets. The main office at the time was located in Kearney Square. She radiated the same positive energy then that I have seen for so many years at Lelacheur Park. Only now do I realize how much of an asset she was to the Lowell Spinners Organization. I was fortunate enough to attend the Memorial Service on December 3rd. Drew and Joann have taught me over the years to arrive at any function 1 and 1/2 hrs. early, just as the gates opened at the ballpark. And, not surprisingly, it was another Standing Room Only crowd. They were actually turning people away. Kate Weber delivered such a “wonderful” eulogy. She had me sniffling one minute and laughing the next. I felt that I had to attend the service due to the fact that both Joann and Drew have done so much for the Lowell Community. They have not only put Lowell on the National Map, but rather on the International Map as well. And meeting up with Joann Weber happens … “Once in a Lifetime”!!!

  50. Lonny Bowen

    I first met Joann when my son had his birthday party at the stadium in December a few years ago. Joann, Drew and the rest of the staff made a midwinter birthday party in the pressbox a fun and memorable experience. Another memory is the first year they had the party on the day tickets went on sale. Joann, Drew and Sean smith went to great lengths to make sure that everyone was kept happy in spite of the unexpected turnout that day. I didn’t know her well, but she always had a smile and a good word for the fans.

  51. Robin Buchholz

    I met Joann in July 2005 when my son Clay was playing for the Spinners. She was such a wonderful lady, she made my family and I feel like we had been friends forever. One special memory I have is when my son had his 21st birthday. I live in Texas and I couldn’t be there, it was the first birthday I had missed since he was born. I called Joann, because she told me anytime I needed anything just call, so I did, just to ask her if there was a florest nearby so I could order Clay a Birthday Basket and have it sent to him. She said she would take care of everything. And she did…she made him cupcakes for his birthday and sent me a picture of my son on his 21st birthday. You just don’t meet people like that very often. Although I haven’t been in contact with her, she was always in my heart. She will be missed!!!!

  52. paulette renault-caragianes

    my three children all had thier first work experiences at the Spinners as 14 year olds. I’ll never forget the kindness she showed them, as well as creating an environment that set thier expectations about what a safe well run workplace should look like as they moved from the world of part time student workers to careers. whenever i would run into her around town she’d ask about the kids with a genuiness and earnestness that was touching to me. her greetings to us when we went to the park were part of our spinners experience. i’ll miss seeing her but know her spirit will be present at every game. take care Drew

  53. Donald & Joan Auger

    Joann Weber was not only an owner,she was a smiling and wonderful
    human being with wonderful persona-
    lity and generosity.I met her and
    her wonderful husband Drew back at Alumni Field and from then on,I was
    hooked on the Spinners but more impor
    tant,I had made and met two beauti-
    ful people and friends.We had been
    friends ever since.I will never for-
    get you the wonderful smiling lady
    from the field of the Lowell Spinners
    who made it ALL worth while to be
    there day after day,not to just watch
    a great team at a beautiful field,
    but to catch a glimpse of a smiling
    pretty lady and to say “hello Joann!

  54. Donald & Joan Auger

    If I may,I would just like to add a
    few personal words of my own,I being
    Don Auger. Joann was special,when I
    met her she made me feel like one of her own family.Drew was the same,and
    still is, to Drew I will always remem
    ber you both walking around the press
    box area,and having fun and being happy! She will be in my heart for all time,Drew and I hope you and your
    family are all okay.We here in Lowell
    all love you and Joann and always
    will.You are nos.1 in our hearts.Don
    Auger I will always keep her in my
    mind and soul,God Bless.

  55. Beccah

    I’ve only met Joann a couple of times because my grandfaher is friends with them and you would never know from looking at her and her big smile that she was sick. She was always happy when I saw her at the games and whenever she talked about Ironstone farm the biggest smile in the world would come over her face. She loved charity and loved the Lowell Spinners.She will be missed greatly.

  56. DaveL

    My favorite memory of Joan was
    her greeting customers on the way
    out of opening night at Fishercats
    Ballpark in 2005… The city of
    Manchester owes a tremendous debt
    to the Webers…

    Thank you…

  57. Scott and James Johnston

    We met Joann at a Spinners awards dinner. Peter Gammons was a guest speaker and Jim Rice was there to sign autographs. My son James was in line waiting to get Rices’ autograph when a photographer showed up and took his picture getting the ball signed. Joann walked over and pulled James aside and asked if he would like to get the picture sent to him. He was thrilled. A short time later, the picture arrived in the mail just as she said it would, along with a wonderful note from her. It’s exciting enough meeting a ballplayer, never mind getting a picture with him too. That act of kindness has always stuck out in my mind and my sons too. Thank you Joann. God Bless.

  58. anne ziaja

    We are so sorry to have missed yesterday’s celebration of Joann’s life. I’ll always remember her kindness to us over the years. One memory which I especially treasure is the patience and enthusiasm that she showed a then 9 year old boy who was buying his first “fitted” baseball cap. My now 19 year old son, was a challenging customer and Joann was so helpful and gracious. Both mom and son were grateful and honored that the Spinners’ owner helped to pick this new hat. Our prayers and thoughts are with you all. Anne, Ed and Adam Ziaja Dracut

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