Sox have to wait for now!

Okay fans.  You have to allow me to relish this upcoming Super Bowl  for the next few days.  I know spring training is just days away and believe me I’m as excited as anyone.  But Super Bowl XLI  is Sunday.  As most of you know, I’m a transplanted Illinoisan.  As you all bleed Red and Blue for the Sox, I bleed Orange and Blue for the Bears.  It’s been 21 years since my boys have had their day.  In 1986 I was huddled in my Wisconsin dorm room  amongst throngs of Packer fans cheering against my beloved Bears in SuperBowl XX.  I still hear the silence ringing through the halls as the Bears poured it on (no offense).  Since I’ve taken up residence in New England I’ve had the pleasure of following winners (which us Chicago fans are NOT accustomed to).  The 2004 and 2005 Super Bowl Champion Patriots and especially the 2004 World Champion Boston Red Sox.  I’ll cherish my World Series ring and will be indebted to the Red Sox organization forever.  It’s been a great time to live in New England as a sports nut.  I know there is no ring in the offing this time but now it’s my turn.  In all likelihood it will be another 21 years before the Bears play in another Super Bowl.   And don’t get me started on the 99-years since the last time the Cubs won a World Series.  So come Sunday, join me as the Bears run left, run right, throw deep and bash the Colts back to Indy.  Think of it as your revenge from the AFC Championship game.  I’m enjoying the moment as you all have the last several years.  Come Monday morning…let the Red Sox talk resume. 


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