Welcome to the Pros

Check out this interview by David Laurila with Spinners OF David Marks about his first professional game.

A 20-year-old outfielder from Kirkland, Washington, David Marks was the Red Sox selection in the 19th round of this year’s draft. Taken out of Edmonds Community College, the left-handed hitting Marks made his professional debut with the Spinners on June 19. He talked about that experience the next day.


David Laurila: You played your first professional game last night. Describe the experience in 10 words or less.


David Marks: The most enjoyable baseball experience I’ve ever had.

DL: At what point did the nerves and adrenaline kick in?

DM: Probably when we got done with batting practice and I saw people starting to settle into their seats. You can hear the noise of the crowd from the clubhouse, too, and coming from a junior college it was a completely different atmosphere than I was used to. I was thinking that I was part of a real event, where in college it was just a baseball game.

DL: When did you find out you were in the line-up, and that you were hitting fourth in the order?

DM: I was sitting there, getting ready for the game, when Mike Jones came over and told me that I was in the big 4-hole. I looked at him and said, “Where did you see that?” He told me where the line-up was posted, so I went and looked it over, and there I was. I was kind of surprised to be in the 4-hole, to be honest. There are some pretty big guys here, and I don’t look like a 4-hole guy.

DL: Quality plate appearances are strongly emphasized in the Red Sox organization. Did you have one in your first at-bat?

DM: My first at-bat was unlike any I’ve ever had. For one thing, the velocity was way up from what I was used to — I wasn’t used to seeing 95 [MPH]. But I learned a lot from it, so I think I’d call it a quality at-bat. I did strike out, though, which isn’t exactly what I was hoping for.

DL: You doubled in your second at-bat. What were you thinking standing on second base?

DM: I guess I was just thinking that it was great, that I had the monkey off my back with my first hit. I knew it would be a lot easier from that point on, and the game definitely slowed way down for me after that.

DL: Who was the first person you called after the game?

DM: I called my dad. He had been watching on the computer, and was really stoked. He said I looked really good, and to make sure to keep having fun. I definitely did last night. It was an incredible experience.

DL: How will tonight be different?

DM: It will be my second game, so I know what to expect now. I wouldn’t call it a night and day difference, but knowing what it feels like, I can definitely relax more. There’s nothing like your first game.



  1. Aunt Claudia

    Hey David,
    We are all so proud of you! It was fun reading that interview. Your genuine, humble and grateful nature comes through in your very refreshing answers. Keep up the great attitude! We are all working to keep your father from foaming at the mouth every time he talks about you!:)

  2. Craig Vanecko

    Hey Mark, don’t forget to autograph my homemade card of yourself which i sent you. Keep one for yourself. Thanks, Craig

  3. Craig Vanecko

    I want to thank you for autographing my homemade card of yourself for me through the mail. I appreciated it very much and also thanks for the nice letter you wrote. I want to wish you the best in your baseball career and whatever you do in life. Hope to see you play in the future sometime. Sincerely, a fan Craig

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