Word of Spinners Fun Spreading

Last night was Political Correctness night at LeLacheur Park, everyone had a great time and both teams tried very hard.  WBZ was there to check out the eccentricities of PC baseball, Click here to watch their report and find out what we were up to last night.

Tonight is Everything ’50s night, a classic theme, and we have a rockin’ giveaway for you! It’s the Dice-K Fuzzy Dice giveaway! According to milb.com it’s the second best promotion out there this week, and we’re being beaten out by a team doing a bobblehead giveaway of its mascot? Come on! It’s the best thing going in minor league baseball this week so make your way down to LeLacheur Park tonight, standing room tickets are available!


One comment

  1. Tom Knight

    When political correctness is injected into sports, it’s not sport anymore. LEAVE P.C. OUT OF SPORTS, EVEN AS A LARK. PLUS, IT’S NOT EVEN “FUNNY” EITHER.

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