You Saw the Best in Lowell









In Lowell just two years ago, Clay Buchholz graces the cover of this month’s Baseball America as this year’s top Double-A Eastern League prospect, and Jacoby Ellsbury received a write-up in the Red Sox section.

But that’s not all the accolades the Spinners garnered in the issue. Three 2007 Spinners were named the top prospects of the year in the New York-Penn League, meaning Spinners fans saw some of the most exciting players in the league every night:

  • No. 6 – CF Ryan Kalish
  • No. 8 – SS Oscar Tejeda
  • No. 12 – SS/3B Yamaico Navarro

That’s three of the top 12 New York-Penn League prospects in Lowell, according to Baseball America.

The following former Spinners were also recognized:

  • Overall Minor League All-Star and top Double-A Eastern League prospect RHP Clay Buchholz (2005)
  • No. 8 Eastern League prospect SS Jed Lowrie (2005)
  • No. 5 High Single-A prospect RHP Justin Masterson (2006)
  • No. 4 Gulf Coast League prospect CF Che-Hsuan Lin (2007)
  • No. 7 Gulf Coast League prospect SS Oscar Tejeda (2007)

Congratulations to all of them!


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