Spinners make top ten

Every year, Baseball America — the preeminent source for baseball prospect information — publishes it’s top ten prospects in each organization. This year’s Red Sox top ten list includes a whopping seven former Spinners.

Following are quotes on the former Spinners ranked:

Ranked #1: Clay Buchholz, 2005 Spinner. “There’s some thought that he’s more athletic and faster than Jacoby Ellsbury.”

Ranked #2: Jacoby Ellsbury, 2005 Spinner. “But he’s clearly their center fielder of the future, and the future is soon.”

Ranked #4: Justin Masterson, 2006 Spinner. “He has the power sinker and the mentality to close games, though in Boston he’d be a set-up man for Jonathan Papelbon.”

Ranked #5: Jed Lowrie, 2005 Spinner. “Lowrie’s bat will play at second or third base, but there are no infield openings in Boston.”

Ranked #6: Ryan Kalish, 2007 Spinner. “Kalish’s approach and plate discipline are quite advanced for his age, which combined with his sweet lefty swing should mean he’ll have little trouble hitting for average.”

Ranked #8: Nick Hagadone, 2007 Spinner: “If he moves to the bullpen, he could rocket to the majors quickly.”

Ranked #9: Oscar Tejeda, 2007 Spinner: “His arm strength first drew the interest of scouts when he was 14, and he makes accurate throws as well.


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