March Madness – Do You Have It?

As with offices across the world, March Madness has captivated the Spinners front office. Bragging rights are on the line in the annual Spinners Front Office and Family Tournament Bracket Challenege, as the front office puts their college basketball knowledge to the test.

It was a harrowing opening afternoon for Spinners owner Drew Weber, as well as G Money and Boz as they watched their projected National Champion Memphis Tigers narrowly push by 15th seeded Cal State North Ridge.

Pittsburgh and North Carolina join Memphis as popular selections amongst the front office, while video production intern Al Bundy predicts a back-to-back championship for the Kansas Jayhawks.

Who did everyone pick?

UNC – Tim Bawmann, Officer Friendly and Buddy Beaulieu

Pittsburgh – Heals, Ticket Intern Kevin and Jeff Cohen

Memphis – G$, Boz and Drew Weber

Boston College (????) – Jon Goode (e-mail him at to ask what he was thinking)

Louisville – Justin Williams and Priscilla Harbour

Kansas – Al Bundy

Dan Beaulieu, Drew Weber, Boz and Priscilla are off to rough starts, keeping each other company in the bottom of the standings, but in March, things can change in an instant!

Who did you pick?


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