Welcome to the 2009 Season!

Hello Spinners Fans, My Name is John, a PR/Media relations intern and this season I will be posting about life as an intern here for the Spinners. Throughout the season I will give you a behind the scenes view of what working in baseball is like and help you to understand how things operate here in Lowell. This will be an exciting season and I hope you will learn about the game of baseball and everything that goes into it from my postings.

Today is Day 3 for me here in Lowell, we are working hard to get everything ready for the season, including spreading the word about this upcoming season and coming up with entertainment for all of the fans out there.

The park is looking great, the weather is wonderful and we are all having fun here. Leading up to the season we are working all day in preparation for the season. So far my department has been working on various outreach programs in the community and working on videos and media.  I have to say that so far I am having a blast working here, everyone is great to work with and we have a fun time everyday. I am learning all that I can about working in baseball, it has always been my dream and here I am.

These past few days I have been working in the video room and press box getting video and music ready for the video and scoreboards. Yesterday we made a video for the souvenier store with Canaligator and the sumos, you’ll be seeing it soon. I can’t wait until the season starts so we can share all the fun with the fans and watch some great baseball.


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