Countdown to Opening Day Continues

The countdown to opening day continues as we are busy getting ready for the season. Being an intern here with the Spinners is amazing, it is more than I ever could have imagined and the games haven’t even begun. This week I have been busy shooting promotional videos, planning special giveaway nights (your gonna love them), and updating our website. This has included a few trips in the “Mystery Machine”, our new vehicle for this upcoming season. The Mystery Machine is even funner than it looks and everybody should come and check it out. You can even rent it out, check out our website for details.

Today is a very special day for the Red Sox organization, and the Spinners. The MLB Draft begins today and continues until Thursday. We will be welcoming many new players into the organization, and quite a few will begin here in Lowell. I will be following the draft for you on the blog, so you can find out all the latest information on who we will be welcoming into the organization.

The days have been long, the job isn’t always glamarous but I am sure glad that I am here in Lowell this summer. Continue to follow us as the season approaches, it is sure to be an exciting summer, and one that you can get a look at behind the scenes with me. As an added bonus you can see info on me and all the other interns on our homepage under the About Us Section.

P.S. Rainy Days at the ballpark are always a drag



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