Spinners Drop 2 Straight, Welcome New Players

The Spinners have dropped 2 straight games. Losing 5-2 on Sunday to Vermont and dropping a tough extra inning game 4-1 to Oneota last night. Tonight is our politically incorrect night which will be plenty of fun for everyone involved, come out to the park and see what we have in store. If you were here last night for politically correct night, expect the opposite of what you saw last night.

We have two new players that we would like to welcome to Lowell who just recently were assigned here. First, Michael Almanzar, who had been playing in Greenville. Almanzar is considered to have a very high potential and is still only 18 years old.  We look forward to seeing Michael play in Lowell this season.

The other recent addition to our team is Chad Povich. Chad played in Lowell back in 2007 going 1-1 with a 3.52 era. Chad had started the season with Salem, but is now working his way back from injury. We would like to welcome Chad back to Lowell and look forward to seeing him pitch.
A big thank you goes out to our fans who have endured some long nights and some terrible weather this week during our home stand. Thank you for your loyalty and support, everyone here can see the dedication and spirit of our fans is unlike any other fan base around.

Working here is definitley a learning experience every day, no two day are ever the same. We usually get here early in the morning, even for a night game, and have a whole lot of game preparation before fans arrive. Everything you see every night is the product of hard work on the part of both the full time staff in the office and game day staff that works our games. Our grounds crew has been doing an amazing job getting the field ready after some rough weather.

To give everyone an idea of what a typical 7:05 game day looks like, I will outline what usually goes on during the course of the day.

Early Morning- Arrival, Meeting, Assign Tasks to be completed before game time

Late Morning Early Afternoon- Complete all tasks, make sure all promotions, signs, banners are ready and in place, help with any tasks that need to be completed to get ballpark ready for the game, including field preparation, ticket sales, updating of website, coordinating media, sponsors, birthday parties and special groups. Work on any projects that need to be completed for our in game entertainment.

Gates Open- Make sure everything is ready to go for the game, coordinate special parties and all pregame first pitches, anthem singers, special guests etc. Help ensure that all groups and birthday parties are having an amazing experience, make sure that all entertainment is ready to go for game time.

Right before first pitch- Pregame ceremonies take place, it seems so coordinated to the outside eye but trust me there is a lot of work that goes into all game presentation and ceremonies that you see take place.

First Pitch- Game is underway, everybody is spread throughout the stadium to provide the best experience for our loyal fans.

Postgame- Thank our fans for coming out to the game, make sure that all gameday items are put away and accounted for, go over how the game went and see how we can improve.
I hope you are all enjoying the season so far, and that the weather improves soon! See you at the ballpark!


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