Highland Park Spinners become two time champions


The Yankee elimination program has been one of our most popular promotions in recent years. The Spinners are proud to announce that one team that chose to change their team name from the Yankees to the Spinners has had incredible success. The Highland Park Spinners of the Lowell Girls Softball League, went 16 and 1 last year and won the city championship. This year they improved to 17 and 0 and defended, and retained thier title. The team is now the two time Lowell City Champion.


This group of eleven and twelve-year-old ladies have worked very hard under the guidance of thier coaches, Val Higgens, Ken Crawford and Helen Sweeny, to do themselves and the Spinner name proud. This is just another example of the Spinner organzation reaching out and touching our community in a positive way.

Congratulations to the Highland Park Spinners, we hope other teams realize that the Spinner name leads to success and thank you for shrinking the presence of the evil empire in Red Sox country.


Two-Time City Champions

Highland Park Spinners Two-Time City Champions




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