Intern Life

Recently I have been slacking big time in giving you an inside view of life as an intern. However, today is your lucky day. I am going to detail for you what has been going on behind the scenes lately so you know what it takes to make everything successful for our events here at LeLacheur Park.

As an intern your goal is to work hard and to leave the best impression upon your fellow coworkers. To do this you often times have to go above and beyond what is expected of you.

A typical gameday for an intern (at least in the media relations department which I call home) goes as follows

8-11: Arrival (this is dependant upon how much we have to do to prepare for the game and if we have any events taking place such as a baseball camp or player appearance)

Pre Game- Before the game starts we are all hard at work in various different tasks around the office. Ticket Office interns are busy with ticket sales and group accomodations, while Merchandise interns are busy reconciling sales and stocking our merchandise outlets.

Concessions interns spend the majority of their day getting all concessions in place and ready for game time. Grounds Crew (which is the best in the league btw) gets the field ready for game time, you would not believe how much work it actually takes to get the field ready, we have had a lot of rain this season and have not had a delay or a rainout thanks to our grounds crew.

In the PR/Media department, we handle game day presentation, including video editing, sound, player appearances, program inserts, stories on our players, and for me updating this blog.

Our goal is to always bring you the best experience possible, this is why recently we have been working on new videos, new music and new player templates with updated stats (which will debut tonight, these are the hard work of your blog writer, so please let me know what you think!)

The life of an intern includes long days. Today for example we were here at 8 for baseball camp and will be here after the game. So the days are long especially when you have a long homestand. However, if you love what your doing the time is well spent and you just soak in all the great experiences you come across each day. An example of this would be the other night at the Wilco concert, I was able to go on stage in front of tons of screaming fans to fire off T-Shirts. An experience I will never forget!

If you want to know anything about what takes place here, please feel free to ask and I will let you know. We have some exciting things planned for this blog so stay tuned!


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