Road to the Show: Drew Hedman

Welcome to our most recent Road to the Show interview with Spinners 1B/OF Drew Hedman. Hedman was drafted in the 50th and final round of the 2009 MLB Draft out of Division III Pomona College. He dominated competition this year, hitting 24 home runs, batting .489 and posting a .569 OBP. Hedman has had a successful first professional season thus far in Lowell and hit .320 in August. Drew sat down with the Spinners blog to answer a few questions.

You were picked in the 50th and final round of the 2009 MLB Draft, what was draft day like for you and what was the level of interest in you before the draft by the Red Sox and other teams?

There was definitely some interest both from the Red Sox and other teams; I probably talked to 15 different teams in all so I figured I’d be picked up by someone. Draft day was pretty stressful really, I obviously had to wait until the 50th round, everything I heard was for sure I would be taken on the second day, but that didn’t happen. I had to wait until the third day it was a stressful process but I was happy to hear my name called and especially by a franchise like the Red Sox.

You dominated at Pomona this season, hitting 24 home runs; can you describe your time at Pomona and talk about your favorite college moment?

My time at Pomona was great; it’s a division three small school, a different baseball experience than most big time programs. This year we were ranked the number one team in D3 for quite awhile. We had a great team; I have a lot of great memories. My favorite moment was either my sophomore year when we won our league for the first time in a while or this year when we flew up to Oregon for regionals; really seeing the team come together was something I will never forget.

Would you say Power is a big part of your game?

Drew Hedman is hitting .343 since the All Star break, helping the Spinners charge toward their second Stedler Division title

Drew Hedman is hitting .343 since the All Star break, helping the Spinners charge toward their second Stedler Division title

Not necessarily, I feel like its something that just happens. A lot of the home runs I hit I think were line drives that I hit well that just cleared the fence. As you can tell by my numbers here it’s been a lot of doubles, no home runs as of yet. It’s nice to get extra base hits; I’m not focused on hitting home runs. I feel like if I hit the ball well then the home runs will come, I consider myself more of a gap to gap line drive hitter.

You have played the outfield as well as first base this season, which position do you feel suits you better and why?

Right now I still feel more comfortable at first, that’s where I played most of my college career. I’m starting to feel more comfortable in the outfield; my first game out there was a bit different. You have different angles; it’s a long way away from home plate. I’m a good first baseman and a good outfielder, whatever helps the team and gets me in the lineup is where I’ll play.

Describe how it was to play in your first professional game here in Lowell compared to what you were accustomed to in college and high school.

It was great, opening night there was 5,000 people here. My first at bat I got hit in the ribs, I was jogging down to first thinking wow welcome to professional baseball Drew. I’ve had a great time here, at Pomona I was playing in front of like 50 people, half of which being students the other half being family. I just make sure to have fun every step of the way.

You have had a hot month of August, is there any reason for your recent success?

I think it’s just the process of getting acclimated to professional ball, getting used to playing every day, finding what works well for you. Recently I have started getting into a groove, getting consistent at bats and playing time. You get into a rhythm and I think this month I’ve started to find that groove.

What are your goals for the future?

Just to get better every day as a player. I want people to say “hey this guy was picked in the 50th round and he made it to the show”. Obviously making it to Fenway would be my long term goal, for now just making strides in my game and just moving along the ladder.

What is something about Drew Hedman that most people don’t know?

I studied in Spain for four months during college so I lived there for awhile; another thing is I like to play the piano, that’s something I’m sure people would never guess.

What teammate has impressed you most this season and why?

There are a lot of good players here, obviously Ryan Westmoreland stands out. He is really impressive, I feel bad for him just getting hurt like he did the other day, but he has had a great first season. Everyday he’s very consistent in his approach, he gets the job done day in and day out and that’s what it’s all about.

What is your most memorable moment from the season?

I would say opening night, realizing that it’s not college ball anymore and this is what I’m being paid to do. I remember coming into the clubhouse seeing all the guys who played here who are in the majors, and realizing that you are now on the same path that they once were, just truly amazing to realize that.

Just because the Spinners season is coming to a close, doesn’t mean you’ve seen the last of the Road to the Show series, stay tuned for interviews with Wilfed Pichardo, Drew Dominguez, Chez Angeloni, Alex Wilson and Jordan Flasher.


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  1. Lance Boek

    Drew and my son Curtis became best of freinds in pre-school,then we had the good fortune of seeing them play on the same fields toghether for many succesive years. Drew was also outstanding on the basketball court where Curt & him were also teammates.Some of my favorite memories R of “the boy’s” playing whiffle ball all day, then hitting well into the wee morn hours in our batting cage down below. The little fella’s simply couldn’t get enough.Boy, could those little shit’s eat !Looking back, the buddies learned how to win. All combined, all sports , even a short stint w/ soccer where they also dominated, I can honestly say they must have a combined record of 720 W’s & less than 60 losses. I’ll never forget the year when the boy’s were 11 or 12, Drew’s pop Andy & I who are very good freinds , chose to jump leagues from L.L. to the City League , taking a ballclub which nobody else wanted and supposedly had little to build upon. We finished 16 & 2 , winning the City of Redding Championship.I’ll never forget early in that season purchasing a new Demarini bat and bring it to practice one night, Drew who had not yet hit any homer’s over the 250′ fence , hit 3 or 4 consecutive “BLAST” 2 of them over the lights in right , and never looked back the rest of the year,the bat was quickly named “BRUCE” , becoming a permanent part of our baseball lore , just like our trip to Cooperstown in 1999 . Drew was an outstanding honors student with the inate ability to play “smart baseball”. I’m very happy to see him get his opportunity to live the dream . Go get ’em son and don’t forget my ticket’s , (lower box) good view of THE GREEN MONSTER !!!

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