Road to the Show: Drew Dominguez

Drew Dominguez was one of the more unheralded players to take the field for the Spinners this season, coming out of division three Wesleyan University in Middletown, Connecticut. Dominguez quickly became a fan favorite, not only because he grew up in nearby Braintree, Massachusetts, but also because of his passion for the game and his cheerful interactions with Spinner fans. Drew was the first Wesleyan baseball player to appear in a professional game in 44 years. Drew sat down to talk with the Spinners Blog before the end of the season to discuss his time in Lowell this far, his long-term goals, and share some interesting facts.

You were signed as a non-drafted free agent, was there any teams that showed interest during the draft and can you walk us through how you ended up signing with the Red Sox?

The Sox were the only team that I had any contact with, they were actually at a Trinity game scouting (Jeremiah) Bayer and I had a great game against them so Ray Fagnant got in touch with me. I had agreed to go to Europe to play ball, I was really interested in it for the ability to travel and see all of Europe since they only play 3-4 games a week. I was scheduled to go over to Europe on a Monday and the call from the Sox came the Friday before, so I cancelled my plans with Europe and they were excited for me, and were really supportive.

What was your most memorable college experience?

Drew Dominguez set records at Wesleyan University and became a fan favorite this season in Lowell

Making the playoffs this past season, recently the program hasn’t been that good. I hadn’t been in the playoffs since I started playing at Wesleyan, and I think this year was the first year we had made it since 1999. We just snuck in, we needed a win and another team to lose and it happened to work out for us.

I hear you played some other sports during college, tell us about your non-baseball career?

Sure, I was senior captain of the football team, I played free safety and returned kicks. I was actually recruited by Wesleyan for football. I loved playing both sports, made a ton of friends on both teams.

You have a passion for the law, do you have any plans to study law in the future?

I majored in government with the assumption that I would be going to law school. I still intend on going to law school and will be taking the LSAT’s before the end of 2009. Once I am done with my baseball career, I’ll apply to law schools and see what happens. I want to stay around the game, so this experience here is great for me. I really have visions on becoming an agent or a front office executive one day. Being here in Lowell is only going to help me reach that dream, of course I’d love to make it as a player but I am realistic.

Growing up so close to Boston, how was is it playing for the organization that you grew up following so closely?

It’s unbelievable, absolutely a dream come true to step out on the field for the Red Sox franchise. I have family at almost every game pulling for me, I would have never in my wildest dreams thought that it would have been possible, but here I am and I just love every day I get to be a part of what goes on here in Lowell.

Who was your favorite player growing up?

I admired a lot of players growing up, and I am a huge fan of the game. A current player that I really thing goes out and plays the game right is Dustin Pedroia. Back in the day, I was a huge Nomar fan, I know he got a tough rap towards the end of his stay here, but he was such a dynamic force earlier in his career.

What is something about Drew Dominguez most people don’t know?

I played basketball in high school, I was a two-guard in high school and I didn’t play in college. I love basketball just didn’t have the height to go anywhere with it.



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