Media Day, Media Day. Read all about it!

Yesterday, June 17th was Media Day for the Lowell Spinners. Here are some of the articles from the papers and news outlets that were in attendance.

From the Eagle Tribune

Sox first round pick Vitek opens career with Lowell

By David

LOWELL — Kolbrin Vitek isn’t a household name to Red Sox fans just yet. In fact, he believes his parents made up his unique first name when he was born, and it is partially due to religious significance he isn’t clear on. But that original moniker, not listed among 1,000 boys names on, may be very familiar to Red Sox faithful in the very near future.

Vitek, Boston’s first round pick last week in the 2010 Major League Draft and newest million dollar bonus baby, will kick off his professional career when the Lowell Spinners open their season tonight at the Vermont Lake Monsters…. (read the rest of the article here)

From Over The Monster

Red Sox’ Stockpiled Talent Ready to Emerge in Lowell

by Ben Buchanan

The talent at Lowell starts on the left side of the field. While Reymond Fuentes has been disappointing so far, to many, it was the Sox’ third round pick (who signed for the exact same amount as Fuentes, for the record) David Renfroe, that was truly the cream of the crop. Above average with the potential to be more both offensively and defensively, Renfroe is likely the most promising third base prospect in the system.

Playing behind him in left,Brandon Jacobs was grabbed in the tenth round, but had to be lured away from a college commitment to Auburn with high-round money. Jacobs and his big righty power bat got a few at bats in the GCL last year, but not anything significant. Jacobs will likely be splitting time between left field and DH with Seth Schwindenhammer, who is very similar in his makeup to Jacobs from the left side of the plate….(read the rest of the article here)


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