$1,000 Hot Dog Night

$1,000 Hot Dog Night

By: Colby Garrapy

$1,000 Hot Dog was a GREAT SUCCESS! Thursday, June 24th marked $1,000 Hot Dog Night at LeLacheur Park. Fans swarmed the concession stands buying multiple hot dogs at a time in hopes of breaking even or even leaving the park with a few extra bucks in their pockets.

$1,000 Hot Dog Night, for those who may not know, consisted of money filled hot dog wrappers. Yes, money. Scattered throughout the hot dog wrappers were 1,5, and 10 dollar bills that fans had a chance at getting when they purchased a hot dog. While this may seem crazy and fun, this is what the Lowell Spinners are all about. Promotions are one of the, if not the most exciting part of minor league baseball, and the Spinners do it the right way. Stay tuned to check out some more of the Spinners exciting promotions, or check out lowellspinners.com to find out what is coming next to LeLacheur Park!


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