Futures at Fenway

Futures at Fenway

Colby Garrapy

Saturday July 10, 2010 marked the Spinners fourth Futures at Fenway game. These up and coming ball players got the opportunity to play on the field of their futures, the field of the team that has faith in their potential to one day help the organization at the highest of levels.

Coming into the game the Spinners had gone undefeated in their past three outings at Fenway, but this year saw a change as the Spinners were defeated 2-7 against the Jamestown Jammers. While it went down as a loss for the Spinners, the players and coaches see it as a memorable experience that could be a once in a lifetime opportunity for some.

The Futures at Fenway 2010 will be an experience to remember for all. What was once a childhood dream for some, came true for a select few on July 10th. Hopefully one day these players can return to play at Fenway Park, in uniforms past Spinners like Youkilis, Buchholtz, Ellsbury, and more are wearing today.

Enjoy the Spinners tribute to Futures at Fenway 2010:


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