LeLacheur Grounds Crew

LeLacheur Grounds Crew

Colby Garrapy

LOWELL, MA: As the sun rises here in Lowell, the grounds crew at LeLacheur Park find their way to the stadium to prepare for another game. To many, the hours they work would seem crazy, but to them it is just another day at the park. The grounds crew for a baseball field requires many hours and lots of hard work, both of which our crew here at LeLacheur put in day after day.

People that come to a game don’t realize what goes into the field due to the overshadowing factor of the team playing there every night. Fans come, they see the team play, they eat the concessions, buy tickets, and merchandise, but don’t experience the effort and dedication the crew on the field must put in every day to maintain the upkeep. As the sun sets in Lowell, this crew is finishing enjoying the Spinners game before they get back on the field and clean up after another day. This video exemplifies their commitment to the team and to the field here at LeLacheur


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