Heidi Watney Bobblehead Giveaway

Heidi Watney Bobblehead

By: Colby Garrapy

Sunday, August 1, 2010 was a big day here at LeLacheur Park. As fans began to line up at the gates as early as 9:00 am, they were looking to get their hands on a piece of Spinners history. Our Spinnertainment for the afternoon was centered around someone all of New England is familiar with and many fans are in awe over, NESN’s reporter, Heidi Watney.

For the first 1,000 Spinners fans, they received a Heidi Watney Bobblehead, the first ever lady bobblehead made as a giveaway at LeLacheur Park. This marked the first of the many exciting events, as Ms. Watney was involved in lots of the Spinnertainment featured on this sunny afternoon. Ms. Watney signed autographs on the concourse, threw t-shirts out of the mystery machine, and had fans answer questions for Heidi Watney Trivia Inning.

Heidi Watney Bobblehead Giveaway was a great success, here at LeLacheur Park on Sunday. The weather was great, the Spinnertainment was exciting as usual, and Heidi Watney made an appearance brightening up everyone’s day. Sunday summed up their two game home series and the Spinners will return to Lowell on August 10th against the State College. For more information or tickets visit lowellspinners.com or call 978-459-2255.

Enjoy our tribute to Heidi Watney:


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