Meet the Spinners: Danny Rosenbaum


With the 2015 Lowell Spinners season underway, it’s time to “Meet the Spinners”! In this segment, you will get the chance to learn all about your favorite players. Get to know the 2015 Lowell Spinners!

A native of Loveland, Ohio, Danny Rosenbaum was drafted in 2009 by the Washington Nationals. After spending the greater part of his career as a member of the Nationals’ organization, he joined the Red Sox organization in 2015 when the two teams swapped him and Daniel Butler. Due to an injury, the pitcher will begin the 2015 season rehabbing with the Lowell Spinners before returning to AAA.

Number: 19

Position: LHP

Nickname: Rosey

Who was your favorite player growing up: Ken Griffey Jr.

What is your favorite MLB team: Cincinnati Reds

What is your favorite song: “Still Fly”- Big Timers

What is your favorite food: Steak cooked medium

What is your favorite movie: “Heavyweights”

What is your favorite TV show: “Everybody Loves Raymond”

Who is your favorite actor: Ben Stiller

What is your favorite quote: “Never give up. There’s no such thing as an ending, only a beginning.”


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