Longest Wave World Record Attempt on Win a Royal Caribbean Cruise Night!


Hey, Spinners Fans! Have you ever wanted to break a World Record and be put in the Guinness World Record Book? Tonight is your chance! Here at LeLacheur Park, we are attempting to break the record for the longest wave in the stands during a game.

The current record is 9 minutes and 41 seconds held by the Brother Baseball Club (Chinese Taipei) at Taichung Intercontinental Baseball Stadium in Taichung, Chinese Taipei.

With the help of our fans, we hope to get our entire stadium continuously participating in the Wave for roughly twelve minutes or more. We plan to have a countdown on our jumbotron, counting down the current record, to ensure we beat it. As the previous record holders for the longest game of Duck Duck Goose, we would like to bring a Guinness World Records Title back to our field.

Tonight the Spinners are teaming up with Royal Caribbean Cruise lines to give away a cruise to one of our lucky fans. Come on down for a Spinners game, win a cruise, and break a World Record, all in one night!


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